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Badger Vaccination guide documents published

Setting up a new badger vaccination project can be a challenge, particularly for those who have not vaccinated badgers before.

There are a number of steps you need to take to plan a project, and important information which is needed while you are conducting the vaccination itself. In the past three years I have attended many meetings with those vaccinating badgers and those hoping to set up their own projects in the future. It was clear from those meetings that although there was some information on government websites, there was not enough guidance and advice readily available online.

To try and rectify this I have created two new guide documents which are available on this website below (also see the factsheets page) and on the TBhub here. Producing these documents was a long process and I certainly cannot take all of the credit, I had plenty of input from APHA, DEFRA, Natural England, the National Trust, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and the Cheshire badger vaccination project. The aim was to gather as much advice and guidance from these organisations as possible and to share this with others.

There are two guide documents:

Planning a badger Vaccination project.

This covers the steps you need to consider when planning a new project. This includes the badger survey, sourcing equipment, veterinary guidance, applying for the licence and other important steps.

The badger Vaccination Process.

This is a guide for those conducting vaccination and has tips and reminders on how to catch badgers and administer the vaccine. This acts as a supplement to the approved training courses, but is not a replacement. If you intend on vaccinating badgers you still need to attend one of these courses.


If you have ideas on additional things to include in these guide documents then suggestions are always welcome!