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This website is to support the work of Dr Andrew Robertson, scientist at the University of Exeter and NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow working on bovine tuberculosis (TB). To learn more about me and my background click here.

Bovine TB is a chronic disease of cattle caused by Mycobacterium bovis (M.bovis). The disease has a devastating impact on individual farmers and those affected by it, as well as costing the UK government many tens of millions of pounds per year.

My work is funded by NERC (the National Environment Research Council) and it has two broad linked objectives:

Bovine TB has been a subject of intense research for several decades which has produced a large scientific evidence base, and a huge amount of data is regularly collected by government agencies and other partners related to the disease. There are some great information sources out there, but often information is in scientific papers or reports which are difficult to access. My work aims to improve the availability and impact of TB data and science. This could involve producing short summaries of key topics (for example this fact sheet on TB in slurry), talking at meetings, or working closely with organisations to deliver information to their members.

Farmers, vets and those on the ‘front line’ dealing with bovine TB have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge of the problem. This practical knowledge is often lacking from scientific discussions and research projects. Working closely with different organisations is an opportunity to learn from the experiences and practical knowledge of the community effected by the disease, and investigate how this can better inform and influence the research agenda surrounding this issue.

I am keen to work with a variety of people affected by TB, currently I am working with;

The county TB Eradication groups (TBEGs)

These are autonomous regional groups which bring together key stakeholders affected by bovine TB, this includes farmers, vets, others working in the cattle industry (auctioneers etc), and representatives from APHA, NFU, wildlife groups and other organisations. I regularly attend meetings of several groups in the south west (Cornwall, Devon and Gloucestershire) and I have also attended meetings further north (Cheshire and Derbyshire).

The TB Advisory service

I am a member of the technical board for the TB Advisory service (, which aims to bring free bespoke farm level advice to anyone in the high risk or edge area.


I work closely with government and I am in regular discussions with DEFRA and APHA.

Wildlife groups

I am always keen to hear people’s views and opinions on TB. I am also happy to work with a range of different organisations or speak at events, meetings or training days.  To contact me please email