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TB stats interactive dashboard

A huge amount of detailed TB data is collected by APHA and DEFRA as part of the regular testing that occurs across GB. Some of this data can be accessed using ibTB to display detailed breakdown data for the last 5 years. Every month the latest statistics are published online for each county/region and regular large reports are also published summarising the latest figures.

Making sense of this data can be difficult, partly because of the sheer size of the data and partly because the statistics can be effected by changes in testing and surveillance. ibTB is a useful tool for displaying detailed data, but it is often difficult to look at a specific county/region and it is also not possible to easily look at trends in TB over time.

To try and increase the availability of and ease of access to the different published TB statistics I have been developing an interactive web dashboard to display this data as part of my work with the TB Advisory service and the TB Eradication groups. The latest update of the dashboard displays the latest statistics (up to the end of September 2019) for every county/region in England, Wales and Scotland.

This is under development and is a ‘work in progress’, but the current version can be accessed by clicking on the image or link below.

Update – the latest version of the interactive dashboard can now be found on the TBhub website here

Its not quite as colourful, but the stats should be the latest figures!